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Undertaking together for gender equality.

Women entrepreneurs are the key to a better and fairer future. At Women Change Makers, we are committed to supporting women in human mobility and host community situations so they can reach their full potential.


With our focus on social entrepreneurship and ongoing psychological support, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and become a ChangeMaker in your industry.


We know that starting a business is not easy, but you don't have to do it alone. Our methodology offers you an academic and psychological program so that you can achieve success in your business and in your personal life. Join our community of women leaders and start your path to success!






Women Change Makers is a program that has a comprehensive approach to enhance the ventures of 60 women in vulnerable situations. It has three basic components (Strengthening skills, capacities and knowledge in entrepreneurship and social innovation; psychological support and family workshops; alliances and sustainability). The methodology includes benefits for their families, taking into consideration the influence and importance of support networks in psychosocial balance.


The program will be carried out with the implementation of the World Change Makers Methodology (WCM) developed by CODEIS, which focuses on strengthening the skills, capacities and knowledge of entrepreneurs in vulnerable situations, to promote development and social innovation and the creation of agents of change that contribute to sustainable development.

We will carry out a set of activities with a psychosocial focus, aimed at accompanying the learning process of effective and healthy ways to solve, confront, manage, overcome or prevent those psychological problems or problematic situations and difficulties that the person goes through throughout their life. entrepreneurship.

What are we trying to achieve?

We develop your potential! We provide you with tools to improve your business skills, which will work with you to identify and enhance your personal strengths.

We drive you towards success! We offer you a complete academic program that will allow you to master essential business skills such as financial management, marketing and sales.

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and overwhelming. We offer you an academic program and we also provide you with a psychological program that allows you to receive continuous emotional and mental support throughout the project.

We create a community of leaders! At Women Change Makers, you are not only receiving individual support, but you are also joining a community of female entrepreneurs who support and inspire each other.

We provide you with unique opportunities to be part of an innovative program that will allow you to develop your business and personal skills. Additionally, we also offer you the opportunity to connect with industry experts, mentors and potential business partners.

Sensibilizar acerca de la importancia de la salud mental y su influencia en el desarrollo de sus emprendimientos.

Potenciar habilidades blandas por medio de un acompañamiento psicosocial.

Generate guided spaces for emotional containment that promote comprehensive well-being.

Strengthen support networks among scholarship recipients with common psychosocial problems.

Psycho educate and promote dialogue about various topics of social impact and relevance.

Project Values


La igualdad de género es mucho más que un derecho humano, es una necesidad para construir una sociedad más justa y equitativa. Al fomentar este valor, se busca garantizar que todas las personas tengan acceso a la educación, el empleo, la salud, la justicia y otros recursos necesarios para desarrollar todo su potencial y tener una vida plena y satisfactoria.


Este valor es esencial para construir una sociedad más justa y equitativa para todas las mujeres, especialmente aquellas que enfrentan múltiples formas de discriminación y marginación. La inclusión no solo nos beneficia a nosotras, sino que también beneficia a la sociedad en su conjunto al fomentar la diversidad y el respeto mutuo.


Imagine being able to create and develop a company that has a positive impact on the world, while generating income and growing as an entrepreneur. This is possible through sustainable entrepreneurship, which focuses on the adoption of responsible and sustainable business practices that create a more just and equitable world.


Codeis Studios + Women Change Makers

Because the success of our entrepreneurs is important; Our creative studio will participate to accompany you in this process with great surprises.



Women Change Makers

is a project funded by the Government of Canada, with Cuso International and CODEIS as implementing partners.





Alisson Castillo

Coordinadora de Proyecto

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