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¡Learn to launch a startup from scratch in just 4 days!

World Change Makers Bootcamp is an intensive program on Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation and Leadership focused on empowering young people ages 18-35 with practical skills, connecting them with mentors, and enabling them to compete for seed capital. We help you to become an agent of change with a global projection. 

Shcedule & Methodology (Online Event): 

  • Day 1: 

    • Welcome & Introduction

    • Team building

    • Personal Purpose

    • Social Networking

    • Panelists

  • Day 2: 

    • Problematization

    • Empathy Map

    • Rapid Prototyping

    • Experimentation to validate ideas

    • Mentorships

  • Day 3: 

    • Value Proposition

    • Theory of Change 

    • Pitch Masterclass

    • Adaptive Leadership

    • Mentorships

  • Day 4: 

    • Speed Mentoring

    • Pitch Competition: Testing learnings and competing for a $500 prize

    • Awards

Our promise: 

  • Participants don't need an entrepreneurial idea or a team to get started

  • In 4 days you will receive more value, knowledge and connections than in typical programs

  • You will become part of a vibrant community of entrepreneurs in Latin America

  • Apart from learning to undertake commercially, you will learn to generate impact

  • You can win a prize of USD $ 500 in cash to make your idea come true

Conoce el impacto del Bootcamp

Benefits for participants:

  • Technical training in leadership, entrepreneurship and social innovation

  • Specialized mentoring during the program

  • Exposure to Professional Networks

  • Financing Opportunity

  • Post follow-up

  • The best teams will enter our World Change Makers Academy in 2021

Place and Date of the event:

Location: 100% ONLINE (Stremyard, Discord and Mural)

Date: Thursday October 22 to Sunday October 25, 2020.

Note: If you want to participate, the minimum donation of $50 USD. This will give you 1 spot in the Bootcamp until available spots are exhausted, and will give 1 person passing trough our selection process a 100% scolarship for the Bootcamp*. 

Instructions to participate (Spanish speakers): 

  • Currently, the registration way is through our campaign in GlobalGiving platform. 

  • To ensure your space, you must click on "Register Now!", and donate $ 50 on the GlobalGiving platform.
    This donation is your record; it is individual and transferable to Spanish speakers.

  • To participate in the Bootcamp, once you have donated, you must send your voucher to [email protected] with the Subject: "[NAME] Registration Voucher (Ex: Michael Mckenzie Registration Voucher), detailing there who Spanish speaker will receive the adquired right spot. 

  • Summing up, if YOU ARE NOT SPANISH SPEAKER BUT STILL WANT TO DONATE, you can also clic "Register Now!" to donate the value you wish and email us to explain what to do with the seat you get when donating (you can rather give us the right to give it to an Spanish speaker designated by you; or any person elected by us, that is, as 1 additional scholarship). 

¿Need more information?

  • Fill out the form in "More information".

  • We will get in touch as soon as possible.

*Codeis reserves the right to determine who will receive the scholarship, based on the selection process and criteria established for this campaign.  For English speakers that dispense their seat right to a Spanish speaker, it is to be considered that Codeis will still determine the people that will paralelly receive an scholarship with that donation, in accordance with the donation ammount. 


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