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The first edition of Desamárrate arises in the framework of the 2021 presidential elections in Ecuador. It was conceived as a campaign to promote political tolerance in the face of extreme social polarization for political reasons. Polarization has been a latent feature that has characterized our society for some years, a phenomenon that has caused social division and exclusion among peers. In the exercise of politics, polarization is capable of negatively influencing the construction of political agendas and agreements between different sectors. We agree that the extreme polarization of society can become a serious problem that affects institutions, stability and social peace. For this reason, the search for spaces for consensus, understanding, dialogue and empathy between actors and political leaders is essential.


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Faced with this situation, we consider that young people have great potential to multiply and replicate relevant messages, with enormous capacity to influence public opinion. During the first electoral round of 2021, we witnessed, for example, a political campaign that through social networks prompted young people to generate a trend in favor of a previously unknown candidate. Undoubtedly, this event reaffirmed the importance of social networks for the construction of strategies, coming not only from political actors, but also from citizens in their political advocacy processes.

CODEIS Leadership is an area of action of CODEIS, which seeks to promote the momentum and genius of emerging leaders, creating a high-impact multiplier effect in the world of leadership. For this reason, from this space we propose the initiative "Get off the hook: linking differences".

CODEIS Leadership, in association with the International Republican Institute and the collective Alzando Voces Ecuador sponsored by Fundación ESQUEL, launched the First Edition of this digital campaign, which took place between March 29 and April 14, 2021.

Panel de expertos con el tema Polarización en tiempos electorales, en co-organización con Beers&Politics Ecuador.

To meet the objective and bring the message to the youngest, the project combines academic reflection and political debate with culture and art, within the framework of ethical standards and, above all, respect for the diversity of thoughts and freedom of expression. In this way, for the 2021 edition it was possible to bring together young politicians, academics, experts and youth artists in a series of events and activities that encouraged reflection and the exchange of ideas.



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