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What is Warmi Digital?

Warmi Digital is a project co-financed by the French Embassy in Ecuador, whose main objective is to promote the entrepreneurship of Ecuadorian women and migrants who experience some type of socioeconomic vulnerability, through specialized training in Marketing and Sales through Social Networks. Followed by a stage of identity and brand creation for the 17 ventures with the greatest potential. It is estimated that this process will help increase the sales of women entrepreneurs, which in turn provides them with empowerment and greater financial independence. The project also seeks to generate a community of women entrepreneurs that serve as mutual support, but at the same time in a continuous training space, where the recipients share the knowledge acquired with new entrepreneurs.


How will we do it?

Codeis will be in charge of the technical training that will be carried out in virtual mode, and the creation of the own brand of the finalist ventures will be implemented by a team specialized in these topics. Warmi Digital aims to generate a chain of co-responsibility with the participants, who, as a counterpart of the benefits they will receive, must contribute with the transfer of knowledge from these workshops to future promotions. Codeis will train women entrepreneurs so that they can make a correct transfer of knowledge, and a domino effect is generated, there are always female entrepreneurs available to facilitate and female entrepreneurs willing to learn.


Why do we do it?

Warmi Digital is a project that was born from listening to the main needs of female entrepreneurs with whom Codeis has previously worked on strengthening technical capacities in entrepreneurship. These needs were maximized with the appearance of the pandemic and the restrictions that the central government and municipalities applied in their territories. Faced with this situation, the sales of the entrepreneurs were undermined and they have been in a constant search to increase their income.


Warmi Digital is a short intervention that will take place from December 2020 to April 2021.


Warmi Digital will be held in a virtual modality with a national scope, participants from at least five different cities in the country are expected.

For whom?

Warmi Digital is focused on 200 Ecuadorian or migrant women entrepreneurs who live in Ecuador, who have prior empirical or theoretical knowledge of entrepreneurship.

So that?

The main objectives of this project are:

  • Increase sales of female entrepreneurs through digital media.

  • Train entrepreneurs in management and sales through Social Networks.

  • Create own brands for the finalist ventures.


  • Access to technical training in:

    • Digital marketing

    • Sales by Social Networks

    • Sales Funnel

    • Digital pattern

  • Access to a support community for women entrepreneurs

  • Opportunity to be the winner of the identity and branding of your business (includes graphic and packaging line)

  • Opportunity to support other entrepreneurs, replicating the training received.


Requirements and obligations

  1. To be a woman

  2. Adult

  3. Have a start-up / business going

  4. Have some type of socioeconomic or migration vulnerability

  5. Have prior knowledge of entrepreneurship

  6. Have an interest in learning to sell on social media

  7. Have an interest in growing your business

  8. Have time to receive a virtual training for four weeks (2 hours a week) in the months of February and March 2021

  9. Have an electronic device available to view the classes

  10. Perform the activities required by the facilitator

  11. Commit to earning the training, then training other women in the same topics learned

  12. Provide reliable information on entrepreneurship and personal situation


  • To apply to Warmi Digital you must press the Apply here button

  • The selection team will review your application and will let you know via email if you have been selected to be part of the project.

  • All information provided must be true.


The 17 startups with the greatest potential will gain the identity and brand creation of their startup by a team specialized in branding.

Application deadlines

  1. All interested parties must apply until January 31, 2021 until 00:00 in Ecuador.

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