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¡Learn to launch a startup from scratch in just 4 days!

World Change Makers Bootcamp is an intensive program on Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation and Leadership focused on empowering young people ages 18-35 with practical skills, connecting them with mentors, and enabling them to compete for seed capital. We help you to become an agent of change with a global projection. 

Shcedule & Methodology (Online Event): 

  • Day 1: 

    • Welcome & Introduction

    • Team building

    • Personal Purpose

    • Social Networking

    • Panelists

  • Day 2: 

    • Problematization

    • Empathy Map

    • Rapid Prototyping

    • Experimentation to validate ideas

    • Mentorships

  • Day 3: 

    • Value Proposition

    • Theory of Change 

    • Pitch Masterclass

    • Adaptive Leadership

    • Mentorships

  • Day 4: 

    • Speed Mentoring

    • Pitch Competition: Testing learnings and competing for a $500 prize

    • Awards

Our promise: 

  • Participants don't need an entrepreneurial idea or a team to get started

  • In 4 days you will receive more value, knowledge and connections than in typical programs

  • You will become part of a vibrant community of entrepreneurs in Latin America

  • Apart from learning to undertake commercially, you will learn to generate impact

  • You can win a prize of USD $ 500 in cash to make your idea come true

Place and Date of the event:

Location: 100% ONLINE (Stremyard, Discord and Mural)

Date: Thursday October 22 to Sunday October 25, 2020.