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4 Intensive Training Days

World Change Makers Bootcamp is an intensive program on Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation and Leadership focused on empowering young people ages 18-35 with practical skills, connecting them with mentors, and enabling them to compete for seed capital. We help you them become an agent of change with a regional and global projection. 

Benefits for participants:

  • Technical training in leadership, entrepreneurship and social innovation

  • Specialized mentoring during the program

  • Exposure to Professional Networks

  • Financing Opportunity

  • Post follow-up

  • The best teams will enter our World Change Makers Academy in 2021

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Shcedule & Methodology (Online Event): 

  • Day 1: 

    • Welcome & Introduction.- On the first day, there will be an introduction to the Bootcamp with 200 young people from all over the region.

    • Team building.- Participants do not need an idea or a team to sign up. The first day they will work on consolidating the work teams for the weekend.

    • Personal Purpose.- The Bootcamp begins by teaching them to seek their purpose and align it with the social entrepreneurship that they will develop

    • Social Networking.- Participants learn to map their professional network and plan how, with the emerging Bootcamp community, they will be able to grow in their business and professional careers. 

    • Panelists.- Remarkable innovators, entrepreneurs and professionals from all over Latin America will be invited as guests to inspire young people from day one.

  • Day 2: 

    • Problem Identification.- The second day is started by deciding which problem the rest of the training will focus on. 

    • Empathy Map.- Through this methodology, the participants will better understand those who live the chosen problem day by day, putting themselves in the shoes of the users. 

    • Rapid Prototyping.- With this Google X methodology, we will work on the ideation and solutions to the problem, and its operation will be validated.

    • Experimentation to validate ideas.- They will learn to create experiments to validate the hypothesis of their idea and avoid failure when going to market.

    • Mentorships.- Participants are connected with certified mentors who will help them develop their entrepreneurship.

  • Day 3: 

    • Value Proposition.- Participants will learn how to create an innovative value proposition that is adapted to the post-COVID-19 reality. 

    • Theory of Change.- They will design how their project will impact the lives of their users and how they will measure that impact to facilitate the raising of investment and funds. 

    • Pitch Masterclass.- They will learn the best persuasion, sales and presentation techniques for your business pitch. From Ancient Greece to neuroscience; we will teach them how to persuade in the best way.

    • Adaptive Leadership.- With this Harvard methodology we will help young people to lead changes in different areas and not die trying.

    • Mentorships.- They will work with the mentors on the previews and prepare for the day of the Pitch.

  • Day 4: 

    • Speed Mentoring.- A través de una sesión de mentorías rápidas, rotarán entre diferentes mentores y aprenderán de distintas percepciones en corto tiempo, para perfeccionar su preparación para el Pitch final. 

    • Pitch Competition.- Participants will put what they have learned to the test and compete for the prize of USD $ 500.

    • Awards.- Cerraremos el evento premiando al equipo ganador, realizando menciones de honor y anunciando sorpresas de nuevos programas y oportunidades. 


¡Bonus Day!

  • Wednesday September 23 is a special day because, on this date alone, with each donation Codeis -in alliance with Global Giving- will grant 1 additional young person.

  • As an example, if you donate $ 50 in bonus day, we will not only grant scholarships to 2 at-risk youth, but we will give an additional scholarship to another potential agent of change.

  • In other words, your contribution will generate exponential impact that will bring social change in Latin American communities.

How to Donate (Step-by-step Tutorial): 

When will the event take place?

  • From Thursday October 22 to Sunday October 25, 2020

  • It will have a duration of 56 theoretical and practical hours and will include a diploma for the participants

Where will it take place?

  • The event will be 100% Virtual, Online (Streamyard, Discord and Mural), thanks to Codeis' previous experience organizing face-to-face and virtual events.

*Codeis reserves the right to determine who will receive the scholarship, based on the selection process and criteria established for this campaign.  

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