Ecuadorian non-profit corporation that seeks to promote social innovation as a tool for sustainable development.

Do it right, do the right thing

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We develop the perfect ecosystem in a multidisciplinary and sustainable way, to impact society through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Strengthening capacities in entrepreneurship and innovation, through intensive 2-3 month programs.

Leadership technical training. Techniques of digital marketing, sales and environmental economics.
Productive technical training.

Creation of brands for entrepreneurs. Campaigns in favor of democracy.
Methodological adaptations.

Challenges of open innovation.
Pitch competitions.
Individual mentoring.
Specialized mentoring.

Social innovation bootcamps.
Entrepreneurship and innovation bootcamps.

We seek to create better companies, entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders in Ecuador to develop and transform the country in a sustainable through productivity and global responsibility.

Achievements and Scopes

2017 | 2018




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