Gives services to private ventures, local governments and institutions of Higher Education, focused on the transfering knowledge for the development of local entrepreneurship, institutional internal innovation, intrapreneurship and collaborators skill building trough training, consulting and social accompaniment oriented to measurable results to positively impact in society.

- Open Innovation Challenges

- Internal Innovation Challenges

- Corporate Training

- Social Innovation Consulting

- Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Social Impact Consulting

- Monitoring for Certification B

- Consulting to transform NGOs into Social Companies

It seeks to empower groups in vulnerable situation trough technical tools and methodologies applicable to transform their community.

- World Change Makers Ideatón

- World Change Makers Bootcamp

- World Change Makers Academy

- ODS Lab Bootcamp

- Training for NGO beneficiaries

It is the school for leaders and entrepreneurs focused on practices of success and customized mentoring.

- Keynote Talks

- Practical Workshops

- Conversations with Experts

- Panels

- CODEIS Talks

- Series: Startup, Founders, Leadership, Public Speaking, Branding, Sales

It enhances the momentum and genius of emerging leaders, creating a multiplier effect of high impact on the world of leadership.  

- Advice to Emerging Leaders

- School of Social and Business Leadership

- Leadership Talks

- Motivation Talks

It is our Purpose Driven & High Impact - Startup Incubator trough international methodologies that will guide the entrepreneurs to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

- Incubation

- Acceleration

- Accelerated Incubation

- Advice for investment fund applications

- Soft Landing of Foreign Enterprises

- Development of Entrepreneurship Businesses in March

- Public Policy Reports on Social Entrepreneurship


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